The Advantages of CNC Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is a technique that’s been used for cutting metal precisely and accurately since the 1960s. However, it’s become even more precise and accurate over the past thirty years with the advent of CNC—or computer-controlled—plasma cutting tables (for more information on plasma cutting tables see – . While other types of precision cutting, such as laser and waterjet, have been developed as well, CNC plasma cutting remains a top choice for efficient, economical precision cutting.

In plasma cutting, an electrical charge ionizes compressed gas being blown through a tight, focused nozzle. As a result, the gas changes to the fourth form of matter, known as plasma. The plasma carries the electrical charge to the metal being cut, creating a circuit and melting the metal. Essentially, it’s like using controlled lightning to make your cut. Plasma cutters are capable of being so precise that Scientific American reports the medical industry is experimenting with plasma scalpels to be used in surgery, in order to cut and cauterize simultaneously!

In an industrial setting, CNC (Computer Numeric Control) plasma cutting gives the most control over accuracy and precision. The computer is pre-programmed with the design to be cut, following a CAD drawing. There are pre-made libraries of shapes available, too. This automation allows for near-exact replication when cutting multiple pieces. In addition, today’s CNC plasma cutting tables can perform either standard 2-axis cutting, for 90 degree edges, or cutting along three or more axes in order to create beveled edges.

As for the metal being cut, plasma cutters can work with many different types, including both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Some plasma cutters can cut through metal up to three inches thick. Plus, they’re efficient—able to cut at speeds up to 500 inches per minute. Varying table sizes and lengths allow CNC plasma cutters to handle metal of different dimensions. Plasma cutters can even cut material that’s underwater.

And CNC plasma cutters can do all this while being much less expensive than similar-sized laser cutters. In fact, plasma cutting can cost as little as one-third as much as laser cutting. It’s also generally quicker and easier to learn to operate a plasma cutter, and plasma cutters don’t require the complicated adjustments that laser cutters do.

Because plasma cutters are so economical, adaptable, cost-effective, and relatively easy to use, they’re used for a wide variety of applications. Small, hand-held plasma cutters can be found in hobbyists’ workshops, while the largest CNC plasma cutting tables can be found in places like shipyards, where they’re used to cut the steel for military vessels. Here in Huntsville, reports that the Drop Metal design and fabrication studio uses CNC plasma cutting to produce some of their amazing creations, such as signs with various fonts and logos, as well as furniture, sculptures, and lighting fixtures.

CNC plasma cutting is also popular in the HVAC industry, where it’s used for precisely cutting metal into various shapes for ductwork. And it’s used in the automotive industry, not just in factories that manufacture vehicles but also in custom body shops. In short, in any industry where precise and accurate production of metal components is needed, they’re likely to use CNC plasma cutting.

Famous Business Quotes

I will say that walking down the street, getting on the subway, taking the elevator, if there’s one or two people and they say, ‘Great job, Mayor,’ that is a real turn-on. I mean, anybody that wouldn’t find that satisfying, rewarding, exciting, thrilling – I think they should see the doctor. – Michael Bloomberg

We can be certain that cities around the world will compete for the jobs that the next revival of the financial services industry will bring.

The cold harsh reality is that we have to balance the budget.

We may not always agree with every one of our neighbors. That’s life. And it’s part of living in such a diverse and dense city. But we also recognize that part of being a New Yorker is living with your neighbors in mutual respect and tolerance. It was exactly that spirit of openness and acceptance that was attacked on 9/11, 2001.

The public is upset. If they haven’t lost their job, they know somebody that has. If they haven’t lost their house, they know somebody that has. What do you do? When something’s wrong, it’s government’s job to fix it, it must be government that’s responsible for causing it.

And I keep saying, whether you like the president or not, everybody has to pull together and help the president because, as the president goes, so goes the country, as the country goes, so goes your job, your ability to feed your family, your government.

Making Money in Small Business by Controlling Expenses

dollarsWhen it comes to making money with a small business, there are two general principles to keep in mind. First, you have to produce a quality product and attract enough customers to sustain the operation. Second, you need to manage the company’s resources so that expenses are kept as low as possible. This lean operating model will help to stretch your collected revenue and keep the company on sound financial footing.

When it comes to managing your expenses, one key strategy is to order supplies so you have what is needed but not a lot of additional inventory. A larger inventory means more taxes to pay. By making sure that the supplies and materials needed for production show up just before they are needed, they are quickly turned into revenue producing finished goods. While it can take some effort to arrange delivery schedules with your vendors, this one approach will enhance your monthly bottom line significantly.

You also want to eliminate waste in your production cycle. Evaluate the way raw materials are used in the process and make sure just about everything goes into the finished goods. In terms of time, make sure that employees are working efficiently, since this will mean more goods produced per hour. More goods produced in less time translates into the ability to fill orders faster and receiving payments from customers sooner rather than later.

Even a small business that is efficiently operated has some room for improvement. Take some time to step back and see the operation from a different perspective. At the same time, ask your employees for ideas on how to make the operation run a little smoother. You may be surprised to find that the people who handle the same tasks each day will have some great suggestions on how to increase productivity and make the company even more successful.

Purpose, Process, People-Lean Frog

According to Lean Frog (, your business needs to concentrate on purpose, process, and people.

Purpose: In order to successfully reach its goals, which customer issues will the company handle?

Process: How will the company evaluate all of its processes and ensure that every step is important, proficient, accessible, sufficient and flexible. But, be able to do it in a manner in which all of the steps flow together perfectly?

People: How will the company make sure that each process has someone who is accountable that can measure each value stream for its goals and streamlined operations? How can the company ensure that each person who comes into contact with a value stream will consistently do it in a manner that emphasizes maintenance and improvement?

According to Womack, all carpenters have to have an image of what they are going to produce before they can successfully use a hammer. In a similar manner, all lean thinkers must have an image of what needs to be done before they can use their resources. Womack also says that the best way to do this is to think very long and hard about purpose, process and people.


Vision is a vitally important quality to cultivate, because life is really just a series of problems, challenges, trials and disappointments.  – Bill Hybels

The Yellow Pages are Dead!

Dead I tell you. They have tried to revive their business model with and offer online directory listings and search engine optimization services. Probelm is, they are not very good at it. Read More

How Small Businesses Can Make More Money

Times are tough these days, especially for the small business owner. With downsizing, outsourcing and customers spending less, this is the time when many owners struggle to make ends meet. However, even though times are tough, there are plenty of ways to bring in customers, and even get more.

You don’t need to downsize in order to make money, but you have to be practical about your business. Take a realistic look at your inventory. Are you buying products that are sitting on your shelves and not selling? Do you have inventory in the back that haven’t seen the light of day for awhile? One way to get rid of the unsold products is to have a sale. If you have internet clientele, a good way to get people to buy is to send out emails telling people about these sales. You could also include special discount coupons. These can include money off their purchases if they bring in the coupon, or use an included code. This can also bring in new customers, by offering incentives for those that come in with their friends or family. Maybe include a money off coupon for any new customers that show up with them.

Read More

Using a Translation Agency

Five reasons businesses rely on a  translation agency: Integrity, Accuracy, Reliability, and Consistency.

Every industry has lingo. Human translators with experience speaking, writing and reading a target language understand how to translate lingo. A machine translation, or a newbie translator, just can’t deal with lingo, or slang. Imagine the fiasco of inaccurate content on your website or a poorly translated legal contract.

One advantage or using professional translators is certifiable integrity. It’s important that you take care of your reputation, which is yet another reason you want the certifiable integrity of a professional translation agency

Reliability is important to every business. It’s important to be able to get the same quality of work, on schedule, every time.  Bilingual friends may be a source of help but you can’t depend on their timeliness or on doing a great job every time.

Consistency is a must in translation.  Translation agencies will have a vested interest in pushing their translators to provide you with accurate, high quality work of superior integrity in order to keep your repeat business

Find a translation agency that can offer the caliber of services you expect at a price you can afford. If you can provide consistent business, there are services willing to provide exactly what you need.

FLS proved information for this post. Foreign Language Services is a translation agency in Huntsville, AL.

Public Speaking

Local clubs and professional organizations are a great place to advertise your business. Recently I was asked to speak on a local radio show. This led to speaking in front a woman’s business organization, etc. Get yourself out there and promote your business. Helping local charities is also a good way to get out and meet people, help the community, and give a presentation at events. You may not get as many leads at charity functions as you would at trade shows and conventions, but you will create a positive image for your business in the community. People are recommended because they are local or because they are involved with a charity. Charities make it in the local press which can mean good PR for your business. I also recommend this article from Lean Frog on using Lean to get PR.

The point of all this is to get out in the community and make yourself, and your business, visible. The more people see and hear you the more they are likely to want to hear you speak. I’m assuming you have something interesting to say.

Benefits of CDR Media

The term “CD-R” refers to a CD that allows you to record files. Originally CDs were only recordable by companies with major resources, whereas now anyone with a CD-R drive can do it.Writing files to a CD has a large number of benefits for businesses of all sizes. These benefits include-Easy Transfer It’s easy to transfer files from one computer to another using a CD-R. It’s especially useful to use CDs in this manner when the files that you need to transfer are too large for email attachments. The portability of a CD-R also means that it won’t be cumbersome to move the CD from one location to another the way it might be with a portable hard drive, for example.


It’s also very useful to use CD-Rs in a backup capacity. In the course of running a business, it’s often essential to make sure that certain files, often in the form of records, are backed up properly. In the past, this often took the form of actual physical paper files. But now, it makes a lot more sense to have electronic versions, especially since the amount of data that one CD can hold can be equal to an entire filing cabinet full of paper. Read More

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