SEO Basics for Business

Whether you’re learning about SEO yourself or you’re hiring a consultant to handle the work for you, it’s helpful to understand some of the basic terms of the industry. Here are some of the most commonly-used terms:
Keywords are the words that people type when they’re searching online. Some keywords will obviously have more competition than others, so it’s important to pick the most effective keywords for your product or service.
Keyword Research
You need to find out what words people use in searching for your product or service. Research is vital and must come before you even start thinking about site content.

Keyword Density
Keywords are important, but so is the way you use them. If you’re stuffing your pages with too many, you may be blacklisted by search engines. Keyword density refers to the amount of keywords contained on each page.

Site Structure
This refers to the way your site is constructed. It’s important that your site structure properly reflects the market you’re aiming for.

Page Title
Each web page on your site needs a unique page title. This is the first thing that a search engine will look for, so make sure that it includes your main keyword and the topic of the web page.

Anchor Text
This refers to the clickable words in a link. Generally these words are blue and/or underline when included in a body of text. Anchor text is definitely important to SEO, so it’s a good idea to include your keywords as part of the link.

Link Building
This involves getting other sites to link back to you. Links are like popularity votes, so focus on building links to reputable, reliable sites. Simply put, the more links you have, the higher you’re likely to rank in search results.

Page Rank
Google gives each web page a score to determine the “importance” of the site. Pages are ranked by looking at more than 200 different factors, and are scored on a 1-10 scale.

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